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M.O. + S.C. + E.C. + L.D. = Y.M.D.A.

And you know what?

Even though it was "hiding" in-plain-sight...

...overtly being used at HUGE, companies... Apple™, Microsoft™, Google™, Facebook™, Agora, Inc.™, Stansberry Research™.

...I missed it.

But thankfully, the formula's NOT just for Billion Dollar brands.

Not at ALL.

It's being used by a TON of small & medium size businesses (SMB's).

They're using the BILLION DOLLAR Business Domination Formula to:

  • Completely DOMINATE their markets...
  • Generate STUNNING (sometimes head-turning) revenue and...
  • Mercilessly STOMP out their competitors (ethically crushing them, like the cockroaches they are).

We're talking NOTHING short of...

(Business) Domination Formula

No joke.

Because the formula almost FORCES you to...

...Become The ONLY Logical Choice For SERIOUS Prospects,
ESPECIALLY in a crowded marketplace.

But like G.I. Joe said...

KNOWING is Half the Battle!

Cuz you gotta do MORE than KNOW it.

You gotta get out there and IMPLEMENT it...

...cuz what changes when you leave a book to collect-dust-on-the-shelf?

You GOT it..


You gotta take that sucker OFF the shelf, and zapp it straight into your dome (you know, and actually READ the book).

But the cool thing is, once you learn something, you can NEVER unlearn it.

You can choose to NOT use (or stop using) it, but you can NEVER unlearn it.

Which is great since the...

...M.O. + S.C. + E.C. + L.D. = Y.M.D.A. Formula is
Responsible For BILLIONS of dollars in sales




But until now...

It's Been HIDDEN From YOU by the
saaviest entrepreneurs and business owners
(they DON'T want the competition)

My advice?

Take what I'm about to reveal to you and... WHATEVER it takes to push, shove, jam and inject this formula straight into the heart of your business (starting yesterday)...

The M.O. + S.C. + E.C. + L.D. =
Y.M.D.A. Formula

Answer Key:

      M.O. = Mafia Offer
      S.C. = Starving Crowd
      E.C. = Emotional Connection
      L.D. = Logical Decision
      Y.M.D.A. = Your Most Desired Action

EXPANDED Answer Key:

  1. M.O. = Make them a mafia offer [an offer they can't refuse].
  2. S.C. = Find a starving crowd.
  3. E.C. = Communicate with them in a way that creates an emotional bond/ connection.
  4. L.D. = Help them logically justify that connection.
  5. Y.M.D.A. = They take action on your C.T.A. (Call to action).

Using the M.O. + S.C. + E.C. + L.D. = Y.M.D.A. formula, you can...

...Start An Avalanche of Leads, Sales,
& Cash-flow
in YOUR Business


I GET it...'s NOT always easy.

But it's NO SECRET, either...

What MOST Business Owners ROYALLY Screw-up is
The "Messaging" to Their Prospects... climbing a greased pole...

...seems like they ETERNALLY struggle to produce consistent, cash-pulling, marketing messages to their very BEST prospects?

You know, the people MOST likely to buy what they're selling.

Pretty crazy, right?!

You'd THINK it'd be something business owners would care more about?

Maybe even FRANTICALLY COMPELLED to master?

Sadly, no.

Instead, what we're often left with is mindless drivel and worthless platitudes like: "We've been in the same location since 1948!"

Or the pitiful: "You've tried the rest, now try the best!"

Or: "ABC Plumbing - We Fix Leaky Pipes, Crack Free!"

Seriously, I see trash like this EVERY DANG DAY (I'm sure you do too)?

Now if you think about it honestly for a sec...

Does ANYONE Even Care
YOU Call YOURSELF 'the Best'?

Hold up -- this isn't good...

...just got this FB message from one of your BEST prospects.

Here's what they said:

"Honestly, I Don't Give 2 Hoots
What A Company SAYS About Itself

Just Tell Me 2 Things:
1) Why Should I Believe You? &
2) What's In It For Me?"

So your BEST prospects?

They DON'T give a rats-patooty about you, your business, OR how long your doors have been open.

Here's why:

Your best prospects ONLY care about
what's in it for THEM

...because, like it says in the FB message above...

...we're ALL tuned to the same internal radio station:
(what's in it for me)...

...ESPECIALLY your BEST prospects.

WARNING: Whatever you do - DON'T give prospects belittling platitudes:


Ask yourself: "What will my product or service
DO for my BEST prospects?"

..."How will my product or service
make THEIR lives better

Or easier?

Or more pain free?

Because THAT'S what prospects really want to know, right?


You bet it is.

And as the one with it ALL on the line...'s YOUR Job to Ruthlessly Whip Prospects
Into A Buying Frenzy

Do THAT and you can...

...Rocket Past Almost EVERY
business, personal & FINANCIAL Goal
you EVER set



And just...

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